Monday, August 22, 2016

Review of the Novosbed Soft Mattress

So few reviews on this! I mean, there are the ones on their website, but who knows. Very few comments on forums, and barely any for the soft. All of the mattress websites that have reviewed them reviewed the medium one, and that is, from everything I've read, a different type of conforming as it has the more adaptive slower response memory foam. So here's what I have so far after a handful of days on the Novosbed Soft Mattress. And no, the company didn't send me a free mattress, I actually bought mine.

To start, I like a very soft mattress, OR a very adaptive conforming memory foam mattress (think Tempurpedic Contour line). This mattress is more of a medium soft and also it is a very fast response memory foam. I am under 5'4" and weigh 120lbs, so conforming and softness is essential to my side sleeping. If you're looking for an uber soft mattress, this may not be for you (but I have yet to try their topper kit, so...), but if you like something on the more medium soft side, you might be in luck. And if you sleep on your back, this could be a very good match for you.

So far I’ve seen a few notes online compare this in some way to Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme (the softness level). I’ve never owned one but tested one at least 5 times in stores, and imo it’s just a definitely not as soft. And if it's close, it's still got a different level of pressure relief for me because of the adaptive foam they use. I’ve also seen notes, even by the company, comparing the feel of the foam to an iComfort. Maybe, if I were to compare it to any of the iComforts it would be the 'Forsight' model, at least to me and in my opinion. And i did spend a good amount of time walking on the mattress to break it in a little, I've done it also a little here and there over the last few nights.

Here's why it's different than the TCS. If I were to do my best to describe the TCS it’s almost like top few inches almost feel like you’re pushing into a viscous gel, not sure how they do that, but somehow they do. The iComfort is like another type of gel substance, more melty feeling than the TCS. The Novosbed on the other hand is a firmer feel, not just a firmer surface if that makes sense. It’s more … dense? Really hard to describe these things.

Without the cover it is a much more gel like substance but since the cover isn’t as stretchy as iComforts or Tempurpedics the gel feel changes more than it does on the 2 aforementioned mattresses. I wish it had cover like one of those 2. I would definitely pay an extra $50 if it came with that type of cover. Hope they consider it!!

Of all the mattresses I’ve tried at Sleepys I’d say this most resembles the Broyhill cushion firm 12” memory foam mattress in firmness and feel while laying down, and maybe the iComfort Foresight. It’s not exactly the same but the overall firmness and feel lying on it is, at least to me, the most similar. Maybe the Novasbed feels slightly more high quality.

About the quality, It definitely has good materials (3.7lb and 4lb memory foam) and I like that a lot, it means it will have longevity (I never though expect more than 5-7 years from a non-latex mattress). And the zip off cover is awesome, I've always loved that about tempurpedics. 

Before I give my final assessment I have to wait for the final piece! The very cool topper with extender comfort+ kit. To have a topper but without the sliding around nonsense is so appealing to me. I literally can’t wait. I’ve tried a 2” topper on the bed (long story why I had one for only a day) and it was much better for me. I’d buy a 2” topper now just to enhance my sleep but might as well wait. Only 3 and a half weeks to go. Arrrgh. I am not a person who likes to wait but what can ya do.

Edited to add: Speaking of a person who absolutely can't wait. I've lost the plot and ordered a Sealy Cocoon mattress as well. lol. So that review will come soon. Even though I'm kinda getting used to my Novosbed.