Friday, September 16, 2011

Versace for H&M ;D - The Preview

And now for H&M's newly announced fall designer... VERSACE!


Here’s what I can tell you so far about what the collection will consist of (some photos below!). Personally I prefer the way past designer collabs have been done, with a cohesive collection. This one is more of an ode to Versace featuring designs of years past, but there's still a thing or 2 that I definitely want. If only the leather dress came in white. *sigh*. Either way, the collection will consist of...

30 Pieces for women plus accessories
20 Pieces for men plus accessories
& Homeware (Hello dream come true!)

(Price estimates below are educated guesses based on previous styles, a few confirmed prices in pounds, and handful of confirmed U.S. prices). Allegedly the women's collection ranges from $29.90 - $299.90**, which would make both leather pieces $299?! Cool.

Women’s clothing
Black Tshirt $29.90?
Sleeveless swingy mini dress, 2 colors
A number of mostly silk mini dresses with different prints/embellishments and sleeve cuts, including the pink and the creme silk studded dress shown below, which will also come in creme) and some horribleness heart-print dress. $99-$199
Asian Print Dress $149 (confirmed)
Sleeveless Silver mesh dress, also in gold?. $99?
Loose mesh dress? $129?
Furry backless vest $99?
Printed silk blouson jacket $129?
Studded greek key print black mini skirt - no idea
Black studded leather dress $299? (zips up the full length of the dress in the back. :D)
Black studded jacket $299?**
Black Furry vest-stole $79?
Long strapless evening gown with high slit leg $199? More?

Floral Ring $29.90?
Gold metal belt 39.90?
Matching gold metal bracelet $29.90
Gold Choker $29?
Gold-tone chunky necklace $49.90?
Handbags $69-$199?
Iconic silk scarf (good luck getting this). $39.90?
Black leggings $29.90?
Asian Print leggings $39.90? $29.90 (confirmed)
·         Ankle strap pumps in black patent leather (also in deep pink?) - $129? (haha, update, confirmed @ $129, i guessed right. : ))
·         Open toe short suede booties $149?
·         Tall open toed lace up boots/booties $179?

I do not much yet about what will be in the ‘Home’ collection, but I desperately want to see it. Oh yeah, good luck getting that too. So far all I know is there will be cushions and a bedspread.

Oh yeah, mens; Let me put it this way, if you already love Versace, enjoy. If you don’t, lol, you really won’t. That’s all I have to say on that.

This line will be one of the more expensive of the H&M collaborations. This is because of the more expensive materials. (“Not a stitch of poly to be found.” –Donnatella Versace). Lanvin poly dresses were $99 - $199, Choo had a suede dress @ $249, but Versace’s dress will be smooth leather. Add in inflation and the more expensive leather fabric, and the price is going to be higher. Expect the leather dresses to be around $349 $299**. Not exactly student-budget friendly like most of H&M’s usual offerings, but if Versace fans can own at least 1 piece I suspect they’ll be quite happy, myself included.

For some reason, Versace will also be designing the spring line, which is usually a lesser event, but either way, that will be launched to Europe first, online only, then a few weeks later in stores across the world.

 So what it's gonna look like? Here's a few of the things I've seen so far.

 and if you use a little imagination, these sketches can tell you a little something as well

If you're a huge Versace fan, and know what previous Versace pieces these sketches are based on, send a pic my way! It will be very close the H&M pieces. 

So there you have it. Hit me up if you have any questions I haven’t answered in this post and I’ll do my best to answer.